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Fruit & Vegetable

01. Strip - Brush Straight
02. Spiral Wound - Coil
03. Spiral Wound - Core
04. Strip Brush Cup
05. Strip Brush Out/In Ring
06. Tufted Cylinder Brush
07. Split Core Cylinder

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Brush Strips Formed & Straight | Strips used to sweep, wipe, seal, transfer, meter, cushion, scrub, spread, etc.

Spiral Wound & Coil Brush | Coil brushes that require constant pressure and contact, Spiral Wound Brush on Core designed for heavy duty applications.

Split Core Cylinder Brushes | Conform to irregular surfaces, designed for sweeping, cleaning, metering flow and other washing applications.

Staple Set | Tufted Staple Set, Cylinder Brushes, Lag Brushes, Disc Brushes, Block Brushes, Plate Brushes

Brush Ends | Common Fill Materials: PSE, PEX, POLY, PSO, Nylon, Horsehair


Auger Flight Brushes | Improves effectiveness of conveyor

Condensor Tube Cleaning | Cleans for chillers, evaporators and exchangers, Chart for Application

Conveyor Cleaning | Conveyor Brushes, Spiral Coils, Spiral Wound on Core, Spiral Wound on Core Split Core and Strips & Scrapers

Egg Washing & Poultry Brushes | Egg Washing Brushes, Shackle Cleaning Brushes - both available in nylon and abrasive

Fruits & Vegetables | Washing Waxing, Cleaning, Peeling, Polishing, Drying, Harvesting, Strip & Plastic Block

Glass Washing | Provide long life and trouble free performance, Choice of Services: Retrim, Rewrap, Repair Replace

Printed Circuit Board | Bristle Brushes, Deburring, Scrubbing, Non-woven Abrasive Wheels, Compressed Disk and Pumice Scrubber

RV & Truck Spray Shields | Splash Stop Protective Brush, RV Mount to Rear Bumper, Hitch Mounts to Class 3 Receiver Hitch, Splash Stop Trailer Brush Shield and Aluminum Holders

Shields | Variety of filament types, diameters, trim, lenghts, shapes and metal strip sizes

Trommel Screen Cleaning | Supplying Brushes for Trommel equipment

Vehicle Washing | Split Core Design, Densities, Cushion Core, Shapes, Washing Materials, Circuleen, Circulex, Flagging, Other Materials: Tampico/nylon/polypropylene

Wood Processing | Spiral Coils, Spiral Wound on Core, Split Core

Fill Materials

Properties & Specifications | Includes non-ferrous and ferrous wire, natural bristle, animal hair, synthetics and abrasive materials, Application Engineering

Applications of Filament Recommendations | Brush Construction, Washing, Waxing and Other Applications for Products: apples, carrots, cucumbers, citrus, melons, peaches, onions, potatoes, tomatoes


01 | Strip Brush Straight
02 | Spiral Wound Brush - Coil Only
03 | Spiral Wound Brush on Core
04 | Strip Brush Cup
05 | Strip Brush - Outside/Inside Ring
06 | Tufted Cyclinder Brush
07 | Split Core Cylinder Brush

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