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03. Spiral Wound - Core
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Spiral Coils
Lightweight brush coils are available with installation kits including mounting shaft. These brushes are used in a wide range of operating RPM’s, sizes, materials and densities to satisfy a wide range of applications. Applications include: pre-coating, coating, polishing, staining, dusting and texturing.
For hardwood, softwood, plywood, particle board, lumber, chips, paper, furniture, pulp and other forest products.

A variety of fill materials are available to achieve the proper brushing action. Fill material include wire, natural bristles, vegetable fibers and a wide range of synthetics, including nylon impregnated with abrasive silicon carbide.
Spiral Wound on Core
IBC spiral wound cylinder brushes are designed for high speed applications that require constant brush pressure and contact for thorough cleaning. Brush densities and coil pitch can be varied to provide the proper brushing action for staining, sanding, dusting, de-nubbing, polishing, etc.
Split Core
Straight brush strips are locked into an aluminum core to from a paddle wheel effect. This construction creates a flicking action and allows the brush to conform to irregular surfaces. Split core brushes give an aggressive slapping action which is particularly good for the
removal of bulky material and assists in dust control when a vacuum is used.