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Fruit & Vegetable

01. Strip - Brush Straight
02. Spiral Wound - Coil
03. Spiral Wound - Core
04. Strip Brush Cup
05. Strip Brush Out/In Ring
06. Tufted Cylinder Brush
07. Split Core Cylinder

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Standard Trim
Presents uniform fill over the entire brush surface. These all purpose brushes provide excellent rotation of fruits and vegetables.
Hi-Low Trim
Designed for applications requiring more rotation during brushing and reduced migration.
Groove Trim
Used primarily in longitudinal washers alternating with straight-trim brushes to rotate and move produce along the length of the brush surface, minimizing contact with other fruit.  Generally used with tender produce especially subject to bruising.
Staple Set Cylinder Brushes
IBC Staple Set cylinder brushes are specifically designed for washing, waxing and polishing all types of fruits and vegetables.  Various filaments and tufting patterns are used to ensure optimum brushing action.  Staple Set construction makes brushes easy to clean.  Debris and Wax are easily flushed away.  High-density ends increase brush life by adding material in the high-wear area next to equipment rails.
Spiral Wound Cylinder Brushes
IBC Spiral-wound cylinder brushes are specifically designed for washing and waxing fruits and vegetables. They provide excellent rotation to ensure thorough cleaning or wax application for apples, citrus, stone fruit, potatoes, carrots, onions root crops and tomatoes.  Brushes are available with a variety of filaments to meet specific applications requirements from defuzzing peaches to peeling potatoes.  Brushes are available in straight, Hi-Lo or grooved trim and with brush cores in steel, stainless steel or aluminum.
Common Fill Materials

PSE - Triangular shaped polyethylene is extremely soft, yet highly durable

PEX - "x" shaped polyethylene. soft and gentle, but slightly stiffer than PSE. Stands up to hard use and has excellent water retention.

POLY - Oval shaped polypropylene. Excellent abrasion resistance for long life. Retains wet stiffness better than other filaments. Very aggressive brushing action.

PSO - Triangular shaped polypropylene. Same excellent qualities as oval polypropylene but slightly softer with better waer retention.

Nylon - Rugged aggressive brushing action. Longest life and best bend recovery of all synthetic filaments.

Horsehair/PSE Mix - A mixture of 50 % stiff black horsehair and 50 % PSE. Highly absorbent, natural bristles combine to give excellent polishing, drying and waxing applications.

Horsehair - 100% stiff black horsehair used in similar applications to horsehair/PSE mix. Softest bristle available but with less " Body" to stand up to prolonged hard use.

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