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IBC’s vehicle washing brushes are manufactured using premium quality materials and precise manufacturing techniques to provide long life and trouble free performance.
• Brush sections are mounted one on top of the other to produce a brush column.
• Brush sections can be color coded to ensure each is installed in the correct position on the column.
• Each color represents a different brush with a specific filament and density with specific washing characteristics.
• The combination of brushes, using various filaments and densities, ensure the correct washing action for each vehicle surface. This provides optimum cleaning action without damage.
Cushion Core
Brush strips containing shorter, stiffer filaments are often used to supplement primary washing filaments. By adding the shorter filaments a cushioning affect is achieved which controls brush penetration and produces optimum washing results.
Split Core Design
Straight brush strips are factory assembled and locked into an aluminum core to form brush halves. The two halves offer easy installation and form a balanced rotary brush assuring gentle cleaning action and long brush life.
To insure smooth and effective operation, brushes are available in a range of fill densities from light to extra heavy. The two core models are used; TG-20 containing 20 strips for light to normal duty and Th-36 containing 36 strips for heavier duty and cushion cores.
Brush Washing Materials

Our most popular filament developed specifically for vehicle washing. A synthetic copolymer with low wax content to resist streaking and hazing. Circuleen filament provides a soft yet thorough  cleaning action. Its hollow design resists tangling and provides the proper tensile strength to minimize ornament damage. Recommended for cleaning plastic windows.

Brushes can be tapered and contoured to accomodate any specific or unusual vehicle style
Flange halves attach to shaft with two bolts. Shaft remains undisturbed in your equipment.
Brush halves attached to flange. Two bolts securely mount each brush half to flange.
Ready to operate... Installation is complete in minutes without special tools.
The first synthetic widely used for the vehicle washing industry. An extremely tough polyethylene-based synthetic providing excellent wear characteristics with reasonably gentle washing action. Circulex filament has a high wax content and without proper lubrication , streaking and hazing may occur. It is therefore not recommended for use in windows areas.
Mechanically cutting and fluffing of individual filament tips to produce a softer, better cleaning brush. Overtime , this occurs naturally as a brush wears. However, to enjoy best performance from a new brush, flagging is recommended. Available with circuleen and circulex filament only.

Other Materials
Tampico/nylon/polypropylene - All oval in shape. Tampico is a natural fiber well-suited for vehicle washing. It is water absorbent with excellent cleaning ability but has a shorter service life than synthetics. Generally available in brush diameters of less than 36 inches. Nylon and polypropylene are both synthetic materials with high abrasion resistance sometimes used as substitutes for Tampico. Not recommended for brushes exceeding 36 inches in diameter due to their high tensile strength and tendency to tangle.
Note: Regardless of the washing filament you choose, proper lubrication and pressure are essential for achieving good washing results and brush life.